How to make a dull acrylic bathtub shine

Acrylic tubs are capable of making bathrooms appear elegant thanks to their glossy and smooth surface. But, if they’re not taken care of the tubs could become unattractive due to hard water stains as well as dirt and soap build-up.

If the acrylic bathtub starts looking dull It is important to determine the reason and discover ways to bring back the shine.

The reasons why acrylic bathtubs lose their shine


1. Soap Scum and hard water

The majority of homes have hard water that discolors bathtubs because of the build-up of minerals, including calcium and sodium.

Furthermore, if do not clean the tub following use soap scum and grime adhere to the surface of the tub. After a few months the tub’s shine and begins to appear dull and unappreciated.

2. Cleaning products that are abrasive

There are a variety of cleaning solutions designed specifically for bathtubs. However, some are not suitable for acrylic bathtubs.

For example cleaning solvents such as mineral spirits, acetone and turpentine are not recommended because they can cause scratches and wear on the tub’s surface.

Additionally the abrasive pads for scrubbing or steel wool may scratch the tub’s surface. This can result in ugly scratches and marks, causing your tub’s shine.

3. Smoke from tobacco

Smoke from cigarettes is another issue which can cause color change in your bathtub.

The nicotine from cigarettes is the reason for discoloration of the bathtub surface. Therefore, avoid smoking sitting in the acrylic bathtub if you want to keep it looking polished and fresh.

4 methods to make an acrylic bathtub shine

1. Select a high-quality cleaner for your acrylic bathtub

As mentioned earlier it is important to be cautious when selecting the best detergent for your tub, acrylic or shower.

Some cleaning agents tend to take away the shiny surface and cause the tub to appear boring.

So, make sure you check the label to be you sure the cleaning products you use are acrylic safe.

Below are some non-abrasive cleaning products that you must take into consideration.

  1. Lysol bathroom cleaner
  2. Dawn dish soap
  3. Better Life organic tub and tile cleaner
  4. CLR Bath and Kitchen cleaner
  5. The Bucko soap removes scum and Grime Cleaner

The cleaners listed above are great for dissolving hard soap scum as well as grime from tubs and leaving a gorgeous shine.

Additionally, they assist in removing the hard water and yellowing accumulation on acrylic tubs.

2. Use vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice

If you are a fan of natural and homemade cleaning products you’ll love the idea of using baking soda, vinegar as well as lemon juice.

Lemon juice and vinegar are acidic , yet soft and safe for acrylic. You can also make use of other citrus fruits, such as limes and grapefruit.

To clean the tub with lemon juice, cut the fruit in half , then rub it with a gentle motion while you squeeze the juice on the tub’s surface as well as other areas that are stained. Allow it to sit for around 30 minutes to allow the acidic citric to do its magic, then wash with warm water and dry with a soft clean cloth.

For baking soda, you must follow the steps below.

  • Fill your tub with warm water, and then include two cups of white vinegar. This will remove dirt and remove stains from the tub prior to taking care of the tub.
  • Allow the mixture to rest for 20 to 30 minutes before draining and then scrub. The acidity of the vinegar assists in removing the build-ups and without damaging acrylic.
  • If you continue to notice staining you’re not sure about, take baking soda to the store.
  • When still damp sprinkle baking soda all over the entire tab, or in areas where there are persistent stains.
  • If your tub is not filled with water, spray it and then apply baking soda, letting it rest for a while before you scrub it clean.
  • Rinse the tub thoroughly with pure water and allow it to air dry.

3. Use grit sandpaper for the deep scratches. Then apply polish with acrylic

Acrylic bathtubs are extremely delicate , and they can develop scratches and stains quickly.

Sometimes, the scratches may be so deep that cleaning products may not be able to eliminate.

So, sanding it down using fine sandpaper and applying an acrylic polish will help bring back the tub’s original shine.

The polishing and sanding process must be performed in the manner described below.

  • Begin by cleaning the tub with a moist, soft cloth, then drying it off with an absorbent towel. This lets you do your job on a clean floor and will make scratches easier to spot.
  • Make a cut of 600 grit sandpaper and then wet it.
  • You can run it in an arc on the area that has been scratched for approximately three minutes, while alternately using an untreated piece.
  • Continue with 800 grit, and then 1200 grit, repeating the circular movement until deep scratches go away.
  • Dry the area using a clean and soft cloth.
  • Apply the polish with the acrylic to bring back the shine.

4. Reglaze or finish the acrylic tub

If these methods fail to bring back the sparkle of your bathtub, you might want to think about reglazing or making it a new finish.

Reglazing is a great way to bring back the appearance of your tub , so you don’t have to buy another tub. This is a more affordable alternative.

You may choose to hire assistance from an expert to finish the tub on your behalf or you can do it yourself.

Use the following steps to seal your bathtub:

  • Clean the tub and removing caulk on the tub’s walls. If normal scrubbing doesn’t remove the caulk completely use caulk remover to make it easier to remove.
  • Then, take off the faucets and other fixtures from the bathtub.
  • The bathtub should be covered with a mask around the bathtub to stop spraying. Also, open all windows to allow for adequate ventilation.
  • Scrub the tub with hydrofluoric acid which disintegrates the glaze along with dulling the bathtub to aid in helping the new coating stick to the tub’s surface.
  • The entire surface should be sanded to strengthen it further and then rinse it off using warm water, then allow it to dry. Then clean the tub and then use a towel to clean any residue of paper.
  • Apply the primer, and leave it to dry.
  • Mix the epoxy according to directions and then apply it onto the bathtub using the help of a fine bristled brush or the roller. Alternate horizontal and vertical strokes to avoid the formation of hard lines as well as drips.
  • Let the first coat dry, then apply the second coat as soon as it is dry.
  • Give the tub at least 48 hours to dry. Keep the area well-ventilated.
  • Reinstall the bathtub fixtures then caulk the tub. give it 24 hours to dry before you use it.


If you’ve been wondering how to make an matte acrylic bathtub shine, the methods described above are beneficial. Based on the degree of discoloration and staining, you can apply fine sandpaper or to reglaze the tub.

The procedures are easy to follow and the materials needed are easily accessible. The only thing that could be difficult for some is reglazing, but you could employ an expert.

Keep in mind it is that, just because your tub is damaged, it will not mean you have to buy another one. There are several ways to improve the condition of your bathtub and make it like new.

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