We’re going to zoom right into one particular subject i’m doing this whole bathroom renovation series today what we’re going to be doing is a very small job in a very big cog of wheels that we have to do when we’re doing bathroom renovation and that is fixing the waste and the overflow to a bath.

i’m just gonna pop the bath out from where we’re actually working so you guys can get a really good look at it. now this is a simple overflow because sometimes we can get overflows that actually have a feed to them a little 15 mil feed usually. and you’ve got a nice little snazzy bath feel that’s also integrated into the overflow they look lovely and they work really well.

 but we haven’t got one of those to fit today. this is going to be really really simple so what you’re going to need for this job is your brain your hands a small amount of clear mastic, some cutters that’s about it this is oh yeah and a screwdriver that is it. this there’s not a lot needed for this job should be simple so the first thing we’re going to do is there’s a protective kind of sheet on this you want to peel off and just peel off the areas where you’re actually working so that’s number one so that’s bit peeled off there.

 we’ve got the same to do down at the bottom just here it’s never easy to find them and get them started but right so we’ve got the bathroom come up look at this so that town here we’ve got the bath ready these bits here are pulled away.  if you get right over and have a look come on come on come on you see i pulled that bit away there this is the finish of the bath there what we’ve done is we’ve pulled away our protective cover. if you don’t know whether it’s there or not because this is quite hard to see sometimes come around to a corner that you’re not going to be able to see and just have a look around here and just pick that off. and see if you can find that little bit there and you’ll be like oh look there it is best thing you can do when you’re doing a job like this is to have a look through all of the parts yeah and figure out what you’re going to want. i mean sometimes you don’t need all of them but sometimes you do and also you see what these are these are called instructions yeah if you’re me you don’t read them and you get it wrong yeah if you’re my wife you read them and you get them right.

i’m not going to screw them up these are really really important so the first thing we’re going to do is just divide everything up into what we need so this is our overflow pipe i’ve already actually popped this bit on here but what we’ve got inside having read the instructions and this might be different for every type of overflow pipe manufacturer there is out there but these are good these are made by cross water these ones and they are well made we’ve got an o-ring there we’ve got then a tapered rubber seal and then at the back we’ve got a slip collar like a nylon slip collar that would allow our nut to to slip around there and do it up nice and tightly we can pop that in there like so if you want you can pop a little bit of mastic around here.

if you like i did say that you could use mastic in this video mastic or clear seal you can just pop that on there like so and do that up i say like so quite a lot these days don’t i yeah about 50 of bath traps are going to have this okay the other 50 will have this in two pieces you have a small bit small usually like a black bit of rubber like that and then another bit underneath but it really depends now this bit i want you to come and have a look we’ll show you go down nice and low right so look this bit here that folds up into here and then pop up to the over the top end and then that pops in just like that.

 okay it’s nice and floppy at the moment but that bit is now in and done and then this piece will slot into that and if i take this out it’s easier for me to show you with it out we’ve got like a little receiving bit in here and that will pop over our collar like that so i think you get a good idea as to what we’re doing here when it comes to that right next thing you’re gonna do you’ll often find that you’ve got loads of this you don’t really need all that okay we don’t need that all there and if you step back you’ll be able to see a bit more you see the whole bar.

if i married up our overflow plate which is exactly the same as the one on the bottom on this design so you pop that on here like that and then you can just marry up roughly where this goes and then i pop my thumb so it’s like there so you see we’re trying to put an inches worth inside this

now you don’t want to go too far if you do go too far in it’s going to stick up inside the actual inside of the fitting and that could you know over time gunk get on there and guess what it’s going to block up and you’re not going to have that overflow now you can use any tool you want for this bit because i’m a plumber i’ve got this stop laughing emily it’s not funny guess what because i’ve read the instructions but also because i’ve fitted a million of these over the years right yet again we’ve got that same little setup okay this is all going to get received into that like so right first thing i’m putting on is z nut the zine zener designed the nut then the slip washer then our tapered washer with the taper facing away from the nut okay so the flat is at the back these can be a bit of a bum to get on sometimes you kind of just gotta rattle them over a little bit then we’ve got our o-ring now you wanna put the o-ring in a few sort of bits down like that

and then just wet it like lick your tongue or whatever lick your tongue lick your tongue nick nicky get that on there push this on like that look at that beautiful and then just like i said i want to bring your draw your attention we don’t want this sticking up too far into here otherwise it’ll actually stop any water coming out because you could push it all the way up so it goes to that sort of center piece like that we don’t want that happening all right so we can push this up now lightly do that up and i think now you’re going to start to slightly recognize what’s going on here aren’t you yeah isn’t it a beautiful thing plumbing’s a beautiful thing right so the next thing you want to do right is you could just go on here hammer and tongs put this onto the side of the bath tighten that up and everything will be okay but the problem is if we have a look at the bathroom the way the undersides of baths are cast this is fibreglass and as you can see it’s quite a mottled not a very flat surface so you’ve guessed it hands up at the back well done ruprecht you’ve got it right that’s what we need to do is put a little bit of silicon seal around here and then we can pop it on put a screw through the front and do it up nice and tight and clamp it so i’ll do that now right so i’ve got myself some stuff here like some sticky stuff just some silicone but you can get bonding ceiling silicone now and that’s what i’m using for this so it’s a little bit thicker a little bit more heavy going um pretty much probably never use silicon in your life if you don’t tap that like you’re on er so we’re just going to put a little bead of silicon around here it’s like bake off in it but but like with plumbing the great british make off what are you doing today paul hollywood oh no i’m putting in a bath paul hollywood i doubt he’d be very good at putting baths in laser eyed barn now that is right so i’m just building this up.

so look foam rubber seal on here well foam seal goes on the underside this bit goes in the front of the bath like that that front of the bath obviously is very very very smooth so it doesn’t need any extra work done to it now because what we’ve done here almost just stick this on so now we can just stick that on almost and just leave it if you wanted let me know then that we’re getting this great seal and then put around the front making sure that our bits are pointing down when it comes to the tightness of this stuff i mean hand tight’s fine the thing is is we’ve got a brass screw going into a plastic well it’s a brass receiver but it’s in a plastic housing and if you overdo that you over tighten it too much it’ll just sheer that off and that’s basically the end of the job you’re going to be very upset but we’ll just do that up like so and if you wanted to right now if you’re really impatient you can now put on this bit here with the cap on it now the thing with this piece is is that we know now don’t we because we’ve looked at the bath already that this underside here is going to be sealing up on that rippled mottled cast bit on the bottom of our fiberglass bath now because of the design of this that’s all in one piece the water is gonna go in here and then down so really it only seals in two places on the underside of this lip just here and also an underside of this here but that’s not to say we don’t need to go and give it the extra creme de month and pop a little bit of seal around here so that’s what we’re going to do now a little bit more paul hollywood just getting it all down and dusted nice right oh yeah look at that i mean look at that moment you know you know you know that ain’t ever going to leak let’s hear that now so this piece here we just lay on top look we’ve got a screw in there with a slot on the end of it this bit will just lay there like that go down there nice and tight i’m gonna feed that in now this can be a bit of a pain especially if i’ve tightened that up a bit much but all right that’s on nicely now look we’ve got a lot of movement there at the moment but we’re just going to keep doing that up until all this movement’s gone right so now this is really well done up we’ve got a little bit of residue left on here if you want you can just use a screwdriver just to get that off and if you want as well you just use your finger to sort of take the rest of that off but that is going to be on now the creme de month yet again just screw this on and there we go that’s our bath clicker waste i want you to be able to see it against the wall right now all we need to do is get our trap on here and then 45 down there so you’ve all seen me do solvent well before in the past the first thing i want to show you is that we’ve got that little rubber washer there that goes up into the bath and that’s what makes our seal from the trap to the bath waste sometimes these don’t go together properly because the spout on the bath waste is too big so keep an eye out for that so now we’re just getting in the solvent well pipe work building all of this up so i’ll always put the trap in first then make sure i’ve got everything right then i’ll glue everything together having taken the trap off rebuild everything tighten it up look at this isn’t it just looking absolutely beautiful the other thing i like about this job it’s all in 45s so it’ll drain away even quicker [Music] right then everybody there we go all done how to do the overflow the waste and also you watch just pop that into the actual uh inch and a half that goes off to the stack as well so if that’s giving you an idea on how to do that everything’s working okay i can actually turn that tap on and everything but this bath’s not fully installed yet so i am actually going to whip this out because there’s a couple of little bits i need to do to get all this bit done but i thought you’d like to see that as i said this is part of a larger bathroom series about the renovation of this whole bathroom so if you haven’t subscribed to the channel please do that now remember to hit that notification bell well this is actually in a playlist of all the videos about doing this bathroom job and everything so there’s a whole playlist on it all from ripping out the old bar ripping all the old stuff out to getting all this how we are now so it’s quite a long old series i’m sure you’d learn loads from it and all the other plumbing videos that i do as well thanks for watching today guys th

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